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Synco Living, the centrally-regulated home automation system from SIEMENS offers:
Intelligent comfort, security and energy efficiency.
The system is highly flexible and can be expanded and adapted to suit your lifestyle needs.
  • Control of heating, ventilation, lighting and blinds
  • Window and door surveillance
  • Simulated occupancy programme including light activation
  • Smoke detection in individual rooms
  • Warning alerts for empty batteries, defective devices, open refrigeration units
  • only uses as much energy as is required
The data transfer uses a wireless radio system, which eliminates the need for intrusive cables.
It is also possible to access the system remotely via modem or ethernet.
As an official, authorized partner of SIEMENS BUILDING TECHNOLOGIES
we have the most up-to-date know how at our disposal and can offer our customers exceptionally favourable conditions.
Visit our Synco Living Shop and put together an individual package that is tailor-made for your requirements.
You can also order information material there. The shop is currently under construction.